Tuesday, March 31, 2009

goin' with the flow

The Homies are coasting. Everyone is gaining weight, all are over the one pound mark, and all are pooping normal. Yes indeed, the poop is a good indicator of any issues that are brewing. Mama Sierra had some issues the other day, diarrhea and vomiting. She vomited on the new clean towel I had just put down, then she walked over to her food bowl, and puked right in it. She is back to normal now though.

The itty bitties are chow hounds these days. They go through 3 cans of food a day now! Sierra might eat a little of it, but she likes the crunchies mostly, so they are splitting 3 cans between the 5 of them. They are growing fast. I can hear the elephants regularly now. They romp hard already, and it is only gonna get louder.

Dinner time at itty bitty central

Having a visitor tomorrow, so I will rush home to make sure the room is as clean and "fresh" as it can be. They do seem to be better at hitting the box now. I haven't seen anything on the floor today, and only one place yesterday. Hopefully, those days of missing are behind us.

Got some good play shots, I think. Sage is the first one to do the "Catzilla" to her sister. Haven't seen that since the 3 black kittens, Mia's 3. Makes me laugh. Unfortunately, they were too fast, and too close to get that shot.

Halicy takes advantage of a prone Kelsey.

Dot. Something a little scary about that face.

Hogan takes a quick bath.

Sage eyes the ball. The chair rungs seem to be a kitten favorite place to play.

Kelsey looks a little wild eyed.