Friday, March 20, 2009

the usual suspects

All is quite on the Homie front. The homesteaders are enjoying the attention, and not sharing the playtime with the Bottle Rockets. Sierra loves to be brushed, and she needs it after the Homesteaders 3 weeks of nursing. We cut some knots out, and brushed her to a high gloss.

I did some more cleaning of my office. Something still smelled, um, let's say "off", so I started to do a little rooting around and found a dried up splat of poop under a small stool in the corner. I soaked it down with Natures Miracle, and scraped it up with a putty knife that happened to be handy. No more offensive odor. I had no idea the Rockets could even get under that thing!

Dot is squawking about something...again!

Sage is becoming my favorite. She is so sweet. OK, they all are.

Puddle of kittens.

The Homies have their own Smackdown. (Kelsey and Halicy)

Kelsey plans a sneak attack.

Hogan looks over Mama's back.

The Homies are full of pi** and vinegar, so all is well in Itty Bitty Central. Of course, they haven't quite gotten the litterbox thing down either, so I will take my Natures Miracle, and hit that room next.