Saturday, January 3, 2009

big day at the shelter

I popped in to the shelter yesterday to take some pix and see little Beulah, and it was a zoo! They adopted out like 5 cats while I was there! Awesome news! And, Norton was gone, and was Detroit and Cleo, and although Beulah was still there, she has been adopted!

While I was there, I ran into Ted and Martha, from 50kittens, so while we were chatting, we were pointing folks to cats we knew, to give them a little boost. Ted steered a nice lady to his former foster, Ferris, who has been around a while now, and in and out of iso, with URI symptoms, and she adopted him! Yay for Ferris. He is a sweet guy, but doesn't look like a kitten much anymore.

Here at itty bitty central, it's been relatively quiet, with no kittens. I am going to go give the kitty room a good scrubdown today, and make sure we are ready for spring, and the rush of new kittens. That being said, there is still some action going on here. Buck is still always a source of entertainment.

Buck thinks he can fit in the box

Peeking out looking for Bentley

Buck has a rough life