Sunday, December 7, 2008

better day

Cleo is better today. The vet visit was uneventful. Cleo might disagree, after the sneak attack from behind, for a temp check. Anyway, she did have a fever, which I knew, but was not dehydrated, and seemed to be in pretty good shape otherwise. She got a antibiotic shot, which was nice, no doses of clavamox twice daily.

Cleo and her foster sister Beulah check out the scale bowl

She's not 100%, but playing, and even engaging her foster sibs. She had lost some weight, from 2.2lbs, down to 1.14lbs. As of this morning, she is back up to 2.0.

Cleo plans her attack on Detroit

The other to crazies seem to have calmed down a tad, and now all 3 love attention. Cleo got a lot of attention while she was sick, so she really likes it now, an Detroit and Beulah both stand on the kitty condo and kneed it while waiting for a little attention.

Beulah dares Detroit to pounce

Unfortunately, we found out this morning that the shelter had a cat test positive for Panleukopenia, so the cat room is now quarantined for at least 2 weeks, so I have these guys for at least that much longer. That's fine for them, and me, but I hate that there will be no adoptions for that long, and we will all keep our fingers crossed that no other cats get it. Here's a link for more information on panleukopenia.