Monday, November 3, 2008

personality plus

The itty bitties are getting some real personalities now. They do change from when they are really little. Nadine is much less the spaz than the rest. She is a princess, and wants to be in your lap more than anything else. She will play, but I have to put her off of me a few times before she will give up and go play.

Jet likes to run out the door, and look for Bentley. She likes to play with him, and he is happy to play right back. Here she is charging the door when she saw his tongue under it. She is a big spaz, but unlike some of the others, when you hold her, she doesn't fight to get down. She loves it, and will sit there and purr.

Norton seems to be the one that is taking all the toys into the carrier. I almost always find 2 or 3 toys in the carrier. I saw him trying to pull the cat charmer into it tonight. He also is the kitten most likely to play "catzilla."

Ebony is Jet's sister, and she is also a spaz. She is also sweet, and almost every time I am in the room after she eats, she climbs onto my shoulder to take a little bath. I feel like I am always wearing a little cat food when I leave. Here you see her licking her chops.

Niles is the foot cat. He loves to attack the feet. He doesn't really bite hard or scratch, but he does go at it. He is sweet and sat very quietly tonight while I clipped his nails. He also loves the charmer as does Norton.

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