Wednesday, November 5, 2008

making a mess

These itty bitties are getting big. That means they make bigger messes! They poop more, pee more, and spill water and crunchies when they run through the room like little banshies!

I heard a crash today, and they had jumped on the second shelf of the unit, and pulled off some clean bowls and broke one. Time to move everything up a level.

Was out late last night at some friends, watching election returns, so I didn't get the evening weigh ins, but they all seem to be doing fine as wine. Ouch. No more wine today.

Jet walking around with a collar in her mouth.


Martha said...

Can't think of much else I'd rather do than drink wine!

Is your crew going to be big enough to go back on Monday?

Jamie said...

not just yet.
Maybe another week or 2.
Nadine just got to 2 lbs.

Jamie said...

Oh, and as for the wine, me either! We should get together and tell kitty stories over a bottle or 3! : )

Martha said...

Just got to make sure we feed and do meds BEFORE the wine! Cheers!

Jamie said...

We should make a plan!