Friday, October 31, 2008


Dinner time is a frantic time at kitty central. This batch of itty bitties are very food motivated. They have pretty good internal clocks, and they start the chorus of mew at about 6 am, or as soon as they hear any sign that someone is stirring. Bam, 2 cans go down.

Lunch time is normally at about 1:30 or 2, when they hear me arrive home from work. The screaming continues until I open the door, and gets louder the closer I get to the door! Opening the door is another interesting part of the ritual. They all spill out as fast as possible, only to run back in behind me and climb over each other and the food bowls, until I get the cans open and in the bowls.

After the bellies get full, they like to climb on me, or play attack the feet! I learned long ago not to enter the kitty room without socks, and never to enter with shorts on. They tend to think when they are young that people = kitty condo. Jeans are the safest attire.

Nadine has just finished a meal, but has yet to take a bath!

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