Wednesday, October 29, 2008

little piglets

I had to go pick up more kitty cans today. That would be food. These guys are growing, as well they should, considering they eat 6 cans of food a day! And I don't mean the little cans, I mean the big ones. I got 2 cases. Hopefully, that will keep them in food until they are ready to go back. OK, probably not, but maybe close.

They all continue to be delightful, and fun to hang out with. They also continue to wake me up at ungodly hours, crying for breakfast. Or attention. Or both.

I have to admit, I will be sad to see this group go, but I am sure they will all find homes quickly.


Martha said...

They eat 6 cans of food...a day?! That's incredible!

Jamie said...

yeah, and they let me know when it's breakfast, lunch and dinner time!
They don't really eat the crunchies. 2 cans 3 times a day!