Tuesday, March 30, 2010

moving on up

Boz seems to have gotten past the last rough spot, and is back up to 2 lb., 5 1/2 oz. We replenished our nausea meeds, so we are set! He is eating well, and was on my desk chasing his tail again this afternoon. He's not 100% quite yet, but he seems to be holding his own.


Buck was at it again, with the bathing. Bosley is not happy about it, but there are worse things! He seems like he is well loved in this house.

Buck! I need to answer my phone!

Buck loves Boz, and Boz loves...Bentley. We came around the corner to find this picture! It was too cute to ignore. Unfortunately, the battery was about dead in the camera, so we only managed one shot.

Bosley snuggles up to Bentley.

Something catches the boy's attention in the yard.

Other than that, Boz spends a lot of time snoozing in the sunbeam. He got his ears cleaned out today. He wasn't too thrilled about that, but he has been shaking his head a lot lately, and we have a bottle of ear cleaner, so we will be cleaning them out, and treating for mites for a week. I don't think he has them, but better safe than sorry.

Not happy about the ear cleaning.


Lita and the boys said...

You go Boz! Enjoy him and his antics for everyday that you share with him. He certainly is well loved and appreciated. We love Bosley updates.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

(((Boz))) Now sweetheart, all the bigger'n'yous in the house (and that would be... uh... everybody!) are just trying to take good care of you. Relax and soak up the love, hon!

Jamie, Joy, he looks so good! Love the Bentley and boys at the door shots!

marslo said...

I'm so happy to hear he's gaining weight. What a lot of love that little guy gets!

Webbthistle said...

Wonderful news, Jamie and Joy! I hope Boz keeps growing and getting strong. What a little charmer - he certainly has entranced everyone in your home, along with lots and lots of fans on the intertubes! Enjoy the spring sunshine, dear one!

Angel and Kirby said...

I love the picture of the, looking out the window!

angie said...

i can't stand how cute he is! and neither can the rest of your fur family, it appears. hey are all so sweet - i can barely stand that too! stop it now! be devilish like mine! ;)

Jamie said...

Oh Angie. We have plenty of devilishness! Bentley is prone to counter surf, and has been known to help himself when no one is watching. Buck torments Bishop and Ripley regularly, Bishop chews wires, Ripley likes to use potted plants as a litterbox...the list goes on and on! I only post the very sweet stuff. Bosley is just now showing some personality, so I am sure there will be some devil in him too! He has a lot of mentors. ;)

quiltcat said...

Bosley is so cute! love the pic of Buck holding him down and bathing him...heck, all the pics are great! I sure hope Boz will continue to thrive and gain weight.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Hi! Stopping by to hope all is well at Casa EU! We miss ya, but life and lovin' up on the critters should always come first! Just know you're in our thoughts!

Jamie said...

Sorry for the time lapse. I am gonna post this week! Promise! Boz is doing great! Up to 2 and a half lbs!
Have to get some good pix to post, but they are coming.