Saturday, March 13, 2010


Bos continues to amaze us. He is still doing pretty well. He has occasional bouts of vomiting, but he continues to eat and grow. He is still hovering around the 2 lb mark, and breaks out into play now and again, very unexpectedly. Today as Buck was giving him a bath, as he started to leave, Boz grabbed at him. Buck still thinks Boz should have a bath whenever he gets close to him. He also had a bit of tail chasing yesterday. His own!

Bentley and Boz take a nap.

Boz and Buck enjoy a meal.

Eating seems to be Bosley's favorite past time.

One thing I am concerned about is whether he is having reflux. My biggest fear now is aspiration. That could kill him pretty quickly. He has not had a fever, so I am hopeful he will continue this stretch, and stay healthy, and do some more growing! I think he will always be itty bitty, but I would like him to be a little bigger than 2 lbs!

My friend's dog Lucy, a long haired Chihuahua. Bigger than Bosley, but not much!

For now, we remain hopeful, and we enjoy the little man!


HubbleSpacePaws said...

(((Jamie & Joy))) This is super news! He's being a kitten and that just warms the cockles of me heart! I know things aren't settled and safe yet, but it's so much more positive than a couple of weeks ago! Keepin' those purrayers goin!

I know big dog, little cat is such a cliche, but I just adore the pics of Boz and Bentley together. I'm so glad you've got lovin' brothers in Buck and Bentley... the little man so deserves it!

angie said...

lucy is a cutie!

i love that fact or crap box, it makes me chuckle.

kisses for bosley!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel and Kirby said...

Every good day is a blessing! Here is to many more!

Melbourne Cat mum said...

We are so pleased that little Bozley is having good days and that his family get to enjoy these with him.
Many, many more happy and healthy days to you Boz.

Terry said...

Yay for Boz!

Jamie said...

Boz is still doing well! Plan to get some more pix and post again later in the week.

Webbthistle said...

Wonderful news, Jamie. I so admire your devotion and tenacity in making sure Bosley has every chance to grow and thrive.

He's in my thoughts and heart - and I have to agree that pictures and vids of Bosley playing like a kitten are a great tonic for all of his fans!

Jamie said...

Oh, and I almost forgot...2lbs, 2 3/4 oz!