Wednesday, October 28, 2009

and then there were...six?

I took the Angels in today to get them into the "system" and bring them back home. I went in with 3, and before I left, I had 3 more in tow. Did I mention they were bottle babies? Did I also mention they are the loudest screamers I have ever heard? (and I have heard my fair share).

Sabrina peeps

Enter, the screamers! Now the little grey one is quiet. (I think it's a boy, but honestly, I have not had time to check!) The 2 orange tabbies are loud, and I mean loud! They screamed the whole time at the shelter, and the whole time in the lobby waiting for the angels to be checked in. On the way home, they screamed and screamed until I couldn't stand it any longer, and I pulled off the road, and grabbed the premixed bottle I just picked up, cut an x in the nipple with a pair of scissors I happened to have in the car, and I fed them! Finally, a little peace!

My day and evening were so crazy, I haven't even given them names yet. I think if the grey one is a boy, I will name him Bosley, in keeping with the Angel's theme. Maybe if the other 2 are girls, I will have a Kelly and a Jill.

The quiet one of the bunch

Everyone checked out OK, and all 6 have a vet appointment for tomorrow, just to make sure everything is A-OK. I need to get to bed. I have to get up 1:30 to feed 'em again! I hope they don't wake up the whole house. The crying is making Bentley crazy.

Alex wasted no time finding the "bucket"


Angel and Kirby said...

And what happened to the last litter of the season? You have your hands full!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, my!! Jamie, you do have your hands full! Fingers crossed your little tabbies soon realize they are someplace warm and safe with plenty to eat & calm down.

Good move on the impromptu meal! Poor darlings, they'll be much more comfy when those nasty old worms are gone.

Looking forward to the final naming!

Catherine said...

Love the little grey dot on the white part of the grey kitten's nose! Sweet! You are a good person taking in all those adorable kittens. Warm thoughts~

Jamie said...

Upon checking the grey one this morning, he is indeed a boy, so he is now Bosley. Fits him I think. I will do some "discovery" tonight and get the other 2 named!

Martha said...

Oh boy...(and girls!) Good luck--hope the bottle feeding doesn't last too long.

Jamie said...

Me too Martha! Hope you guys can get a bit of a kitten "fix" through these guys.

Robyn said...

Oh lord, aren't they the cutest!!!