Monday, May 25, 2009

long weekend

It was a long weekend for the office workers. Late Friday, it seemed everyone but Dwight had some really loose stool. Pam's was almost liquid, and Dwight's was almost normal, and everyone else's was somewhere in between. Of course, this was Friday of a long weekend. Saturday was about the same, and all but Dwight had a small weight loss. I was of course concerned about dehydration, so I continued to closely monitor them all weekend, checking on them every couple of hours. As of tonight, Pam's stool was actually formed, and she had gained a little weight back. The only one that has not gained yet is Michael, but he is still acting fine, as are the rest of them. Maybe we have gotten through this without the help of medication. (fingers crossed). Of course, they just finished their Panacure, so maybe that helped. Who knows?

Pam has figured out how to get on the first floor of the condo.

Dwight looks like he is wearing a jester's collar with the dried "soup" on his neck.

Jim's shyness seems to be lessening. He is still not happy about being picked up, but he purrs when you pet him, and like all the rest, he is happy to climb on me when I sit down in the floor. They all are a little too skittish with noises, so I will need to work on that.

Jim attacks invisible intruders.

Pam playing peek-a-boo.

Michael (Mikey) is the only one who still seems to not be back on track yet, but as you can see, he is eating just fine! He and Dwight dove into dinner (literally) tonight, and then wanted to crawl all over me to take a bath. I decided to help them both out with a baby wipe. Dwight looked like he had been swimming in it earlier, and had some dried "soup" on his chest. They could all use a real bath, but I will wait until the stool issues are all past.

Mikey has no issues with not eating.

Dwight went swimming in the gruel bowl too.

Mikey looks like he has hit the "mash" a little too often.

I think it is really cute that the Workers all still sleep in the carrier. I took the door off when I brought them here, and they still all sleep in it. I snuck in today and snapped this picture, with Pam laying halfway out. Dwight heard me open the door, and jumped out over her before I could take it.


Angel and Kirby said...

We hope they are all doing better. They are all sweet babies.

AnnF said...

Awwwwww...such fuzzy little beasties...

Why is it that small ones of all species seem to think they can absorb food through their chins and cheeks better than through their mouths?

Or is it possible that they do?

Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

Is there anything better than a kitten to make you smile? Sure hope that their poopies are cooperating and making nicer stool. I know it can be worrisome, especially in such tiny babies.