Tuesday, June 2, 2009

happy kitties

Everything is copacetic at Itty Bitty Central. The Workers are on their 4th day of Metro, and the stools are way more normal now, and everyone is gaining weight. They have really come into their own, and cry to get attention when they hear someone come in. They eat 3 cans (big cans) of cat food a day now, and are not quite as messy as they have been. Hopefully, we are on a smooth path for adoption.

Jim is much better about being picked up, although he still doesn't like it so much, he does like attention, and seeks it out. Same thing with Pam. The other two boys, Dwight and Mikey love to be picked up and held. Mikey would rather be held than play with his siblings. He and Dwight seem to gravitate together, and Pam and Jim play together more.

All in all, I have really fallen in love with this litter, and I really hope someone I know adopts Dwight and Mikey, so I can visit them often!

Dwight finds one lone piece of kitty litter behind the trash can. Looks like a cigar. Yes, it's clean!

Dwight practices the weigh-in.

Dwight peeks from behind the carrier, showing off his charm.

Jim gets Dwight on the smackdown.

Jim is all tired from his match with Dwight.

Mikey takes a bite out of the camera strap.

Mikey swipes.

Pam takes a breather.

Pam and Jim get their play on.


Angel and Kirby said...

They are so cute! Glad they are doing so well!

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Hi Jamie,
Hi neighbor! (Well, almost... Baltimore for me.) Just found "Elephants" thanks to Martin Hooper. What a terrific gang you've got! I'm going to enjoy following your little pachyderms!

Jamie said...

Hi Lisa! Always happy to keep cat and kitten fans entertained. I have been a bit bad about posting regularly, so I will try hard to do better.

Kari said...

They are all so adorable. Maybe you can keep them. I started fostering seniors and none ever left my home.

Jamie said...

NOOOO! I can't keep them! I already have 3, and that is my limit. And don't forget Bentley. And my house is small! Will post some more this weekend, Office Workers meet Bentley. Very cute.