Thursday, December 4, 2008

big giant elephants!

The 3 itty bitties sound like a stampede of elephants upstairs! They sound a lot louder than the last batch, and there were 5 of them.

Peeking out of the kitty condo

Last night, they were so wild, and were playing so hard, I was a little concerned. They were nuts, and if you picked them up in the middle of play time, they would growl! When I went in later, and gave them their panacur, they were quiet, purring, and wanting to get some love. I gave them some, just before I gave them the panacur. They didn't like that so much. I cleaned the white spots off the floor before I left the room.

sleepy...just before the panacur

This afternoon when I went in, they were so sweet. Sleeping, and cuddly and cute. I had to leave and get my camera they were so cute. I took some pictures, and set the camera in the hammock while I gave them some attention. Then, I was so taken with them, I forgot my camera.

Well, when I went back in a few hours later, I saw it siting there. I picked it up, and had to wipe quite a few kitty nose prints off of it. Seems they were quite interested in it. Kitty snot is harder to remove than I would have thought.

We will see how they deal with their panacur tonight. I suspect I will be wiping up the splatter yet again.

Are these guys cute or what?

Beulah gives a yawn


Martha said...

The first couple of days, the Eels were total nut cases, but then settled down...sounds like these guys might go the same route. Their coloring is gorgeous!

ted said...

man, that Cleo is off-the-charts cute!