Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well, didn't take long for one to have issues. Cleo is sick. She pretty much kept to her "basket" all day Friday. Her eyes are still bright, but no playing, and worse, no eating. At least none that actually witnesses. I have an appointment to see the vet this morning.

The good news this morning is she ate some breakfast. And not just a little bite or 2, she ate a pretty good meal, and had a little drink too. Then she climbed back into her basket. I feel a bit better about her, but she still has no interest in play.

That being said, she sat in the middle of the room for a while watching the 2 crazies that are her foster siblings. These guys are too much. We watched Detroit for 20 minutes play with a toy mouse. He chased it, rolled on the floor with it, pounced on it, and carry it around in his mouth, growling. I can't believe how much energy he has.

Then, Beulah decided she had seen enough, and she decided to spent the next 15 minutes attacking Detroit. Yes indeed, Detroit is a tough guy, until his sister jumps him, then he screams like a little girl! Non-Stop action. These are not your cuddly kittens, but if you want a high energy kitten, I have a couple for you!

Beulah and Detroit display some mid-air acrobatics

Detroit gets Beulah in a head lock

Detroit cries like a little girl when he is pinned

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