Thursday, December 11, 2008

not quite right

Still not too sure about Beulah. She is not quite right. Lost a little weight, although she is eating, not as much as the other 2, but she does eat, and is still loving attention. I will keep a close eye on her the next day or 2, and see how it goes.

Beulah Balances on the chair rail

Got some sloppy poops the last couple of days, and it looks like it is from more than one of them, so maybe that's the issue. (Read, need to scrub down the wall). I never got to do a big scrub down between this group and the last one, so maybe I can before we have our Holiday brunch. I know folks will want to see them, and I need to do some work in there before we have visitors!

I will be picking up some Ponazuril today from the shelter, and see if that helps out with the poop issue. I hope so. Other than that, these guys are doing pretty well. They may start getting some "hallway time" soon.

Beulah gives new meaning to "blind attack"

Detroit peeks out from his hiding spot

The cute factor is pretty high with this group

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ted said...

cute factor is off the charts with this group.