Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas

The shelter is closed today and tomorrow, so I am OK with keeping the paintball kittens until next week. No one should adopt a pet before Christmas. At least not a house full of kids. Too much is going on already. I think if a kid is going to get a pet for Christmas, they should get the food bowls, toys, leashes, etc., and wait until things settle down a bit to pick out the pet. I will take these guys back Monday for the next Spay/Neuter, and hope they will be adopted by early in the new year.

As of now, they are doing fine, and are ready to go to a new home. They want out of their prison cell, and cry at the door if they hear anyone walk by. Yep. They are ready to go home.

Beulah wants a mirror for Christmas, so she can check her lipliner

Cleo applies a little tenderizer before she chomps down.

Detroit takes a little walk while waving bye bye

Evidentially, drug use among kittens has become an epidemic. (see,

Beulah is in hiding. Maybe the drugs have made her paranoid?


Martha said...

Very quiet around our house for a change...enjoy your last days with the itty bitties and have a merry Christmas!

Jamie said...

you do the same.
Hope your house stays quite for a little least until April. ; )