Wednesday, December 17, 2008

looking good

Looks like everyone is doing well here at itty bitty central. Finally, finally, Beulah has broken the 2lb mark! She is back to her 100% normal self, playing rough with the other two, and not quite as interested in being held, but still likes to howl for attention.

The ban on new cats should be removed at the shelter, and they will be receiving cats again, but because of Beulah's week of no real weight gain, these guys will be with me for another week I suspect. I doubt she will gain 8 oz. by Monday, but you never know!

In the mean time, they will pass the time away running the hallway, and just being kittens.

Detroit does a little sidewinder move toward Cleo off camera.

Cleo peeks from under the bed

Beulah climbs Mount Comforter

Cleo pins Detroit

Beulah the glowing eyed banshee is too much for Buck

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