Tuesday, August 18, 2009

snot city

Yes indeed, we have a lot of snot here at itty bitty central. It's OK though, everyone is eating, and they are all 3 getting better socialized. As you can see from the little video, they are active and happy. They are WAY more subdued than the Little 'Uns, but I can't decide if they miss 'em or not. Justine used to like to mix it up with Mowgli, and Diego liked to hang with Johnny Cougar, but they seem pretty content to just lay low.


I did hear that Sport has been adopted, as has Dora, and Diego has an application on him. Yippe! Poor Mowgli is applicationless, and I just saw that Dwight was back. I was informed he never left, that he just didn't make it up on the website. I find that hard to believe since I have been back a few times since the workers were sent back. Well, he is sweet, so I know he will get a good home soon. If you need a couple of nice, sweet guys, Dwight and Mowgli are waiting!

Mowgli is waiting for his forever home.

Remember Dwight? He is still waiting...


Angel and Kirby said...

We will purr for these sweet babes!

Jamie said...

They are doing well, even with the sniffling and sneezing. They are tentatively scheduled to go back on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed!

Doodle Bean said...

They look happy and healthy! YAY! I love how the edges of the carrier box are all chewed up. Kittie teeth can be a powerful force, eh?

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Adorable play time!

We will keep our fingers crossed... you were right about Diego, though! I'm glad he captured someone's heart so quickly even though I'd loved for him to be my next "potato chip!" LOL!

Yep, DB, I don't think I've had cardboard anything (or magazines, or even a lot of books) without perforations in, oh, 40 years! I figure twixt teeth and claws, our darlings have to brand what we, mistakenly, believe to be our possessions as their own!

Jamie said...

One of my resident kitties, Bishop is a chewer. Unfortunately, he doesn't stop at paper and cardboard...he has chewed through 3 laptop cords, my CPAP hose, and the remote for the air adjustment in my sleep number bed! He MUST have 9 lives. Oh, and my laptop lid has a lot of teeth marks in it.