Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some good signs, some not so good.

Good sign? No vomit this morning. Not so good sign? Didn't eat much this morning. Good sign? No bloody stool. Not so good sign? 3 drips of liquid poop. Good sign? Said stool was more brown than red. You get the picture. Robyn is holding her own, but she is lonesome for her foster siblings. I am keeping her separate from them, so she doesn't pass on to them what she has. She misses them. When she hears them mewing , she looks for them. I let Bentley fill in for them. She adores him. Rubs all over him. When I am here, I try to keep her close to me, but she really wants to be with her animal family more.

I wonder if I am doing the right thing. I keep hoping I will know the time when I should make that decision no one wants to make. Right now I think we are doing the right thing. Robyn is a fighter, and she loves attention. I will be giving it to her as long as possible.


ted said...

Yikes, Jamie. I hadn't read your blog yet this week. We can relate to what you're going through with Robyn... it's really depressing.

We lost two kittens last year (Hobie and Drew) to that combination of diarrhea and vomiting. We were syringe-feeding both of them around the clock with slurry and Nutrical, supplemented by subQ saline. I don't know what else you can do. Hobie and Drew kittens were also singletons, and I think that helped seal their fates.

If Robyn was with your other fosterlings previously, wouldn't they have already been exposed to whatever she has? It's a tough call, but it's worth considering putting them back together.

As for the panleukopenia, that sounds more like a guess than a diagnosis right now. There's clearly something wrong with her, but can she beat it? She's already hung in there longer than many do. As long as she keeps eating and doesn't vomit, she has a chance.

Martha said...

As long as Robyn isn't in pain, I would just keep on and hope she turns the corner with TLC. We know the feeling about just hating living on the edge and wondering which way it's going to go. I agree though about considering putting her back with her sibs for comfort--they've been healthy all along, right? Just gotta go with your gut feeling. Hang in there--both of you.

Jamie said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Robyn is starting to get a little frail. She is pretty thin, but she hasn't really eaten in 3 days or more. She has kept down some slurry today, so I am hopeful we may have gotten over the hump, but I just don't know. Tomorrow morning will be a big test.
I may let her have some time with the others this evening. If it is PanLuke, she should not be contagious now.