Thursday, August 7, 2008

Elephants Blog

Someone told me today my blog was depressing. Perhaps it is. Tonight it got a little more depressing. Robyn took a nose dive. She really went south fast, and I knew it was time. We took her to the shelter and they put her to sleep there. I know we did all we could for her. She mustered up one last purr for Bentley as we were leaving. She really loved that dog.

The 3 we still have here seem to be fine. I spent about an hour with them, playing with their favorite toy, the cat charmer. First though, I let them out to run up and down the hall. They love to run from the bedroom to the bathroom, as fast as they can. When one surprises the other, there is a straight up leap, and both head back in different directions. Sully is really good at "catching air." These photos are a little blurry...the camera focused on the dresser unfortunately, but you get the idea. They love to be out of the kitty room.


Martha said...

Jamie, I'm so sorry about Robyn--she tried her hardest to hang in there and you sure did everything possible. It's just a sick feeling when everything you do isn't enough. But her brief life was a happy one.

suzsnshne said...

That is such a bummer about Robyn. She was so funny. I feel bad calling her a piggie but that's my memory of her....first to the bowl. She was a sweetie. I really enjoyed my time with all of them last weekend. They were all being so playful. It's just hard to imagine how fast this can happen.