Saturday, August 7, 2010

friendlier on the home front

The Hissers are done hissing, with the exception of Gadget, when I go to pick him up. It's not too much, and he settles down right away. It's a lot easier to gain their trust now that they are done with medication. The Metronidazol (flagel) did it's job, and all the stools are fairly solid these days. They will need another round of Panacure soon, but for now, I am just going to give them love...not nasty medicine!

Belize is ready for weigh in.

The 3 girls are much better as far as socialization goes. Belize cry for attention, and puts her paws on my back when I am not paying attention to her. The twin torties are not quite there, but they loved to be rubbed. Both will purr like mad when I brush or rub them, but they are still afraid initially when I reach for them.

Aruba enjoying the new toy.

The boys are a harder sell. Poor Inspector had antibiotics and Metro to take, so he just closes his eyes and rolls up in a ball when I pick him up. Working on just petting them now, and not even picking them up unless it's for weights. It can be a painfully slow process, but they are all making progress.

Inspector is ready to get in the bowl, unless I want him there!

Other than that, they are doing well, and love to play together. Gadget is quite a bit smaller than the rest, so he tends to get beat up a bit when they play, but he stays in the fray. He likes to snuggle with Jamaica when it's nap time, but always keeps a wary eye on me.

Everyone loves the door for some reason.

Everyone can get up on my desk now, and Aruba poses.

All in all, they are doing well. I will have them for another month, so that should give me enough time to get them all people friendly.


Angel and Kirby said...

They are very cute. it is good that they are coming around on the social side!

AnnF said...

Such cuties! I'm sure they'll all soon figure out that humans provide high-quality cuddling and that laps are good places to snooze. Especially when the human has someplace else to be. :-)

Martha said...

Glad the hissiness is abating. Socializing hissers is the most challenging foster job! Looks like things are going well--slowly.

Metz said...

KATHUD! Too cute! :-)

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Beautiful kitties!!! Love the babies!