Saturday, July 31, 2010

like old times...

It's been a long time since I had a litter of kittens. I almost forgot how much work it is. Today, we got to go back to the vet. Now everyone is on Flagyl. (Metronidazole). Everyone has poop issues! Yeah, that's the fun stuff. After only 2 doses, it seems to be helping. 4 more days of that, and hopefully we will be done with sickness! It's hard to gain their trust when I have to squirt nasty stuff in their mouths twice a day!

Inspector plans a sneak attack of the fleecy string.

Inspector is doing really well. He has gained a lot of weight, and his breathing is better. Hopefully we have seen the worst of the URI issues. Next will be another round of Panacur. His belly sure does look big...but he eats and drinks a lot. Hope that's why.

Aruba has eye contact with the fleecy string.

They really like the hammock, but I had to take it down today. Someone threw up in it. I will be washing it and replacing it tomorrow. And this floor in my office needs a good scrubbing. Might try to do that tomorrow too.

Sleepy girls.

Gadget is the real hold out. Inspector and Aruba and Jamaica all settle down when I get them, even though they are still timid, and will run and hide if you reach for them and are not quick. They come out and play even if I am on the floor with them, but Gadget is really timid. He was a little easier to deal with today, but I think it was just because he didn't feel good.

Aruba & Gadget in the hammock.

Belize is like a normal kitten now. She climbs on me, and loves attention. She wins over everyone she meets, and has already tried to run out of the office when I come in. I am hoping she is setting a good example for the others to not be afraid.

No fear here!


Angel and Kirby said...

We hope they all start getting calmer.

Webbthistle said...

The kittens are lucky to have someone of your experience fostering them. They are going to thrive and become super-cats for very special families!

Christie said...

The little pink tongue in that last photo is to die for cute!!