Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Yesterday Inspector had a bit of a backslide. When I got home around 3, I sat down at my desk to do some work, and in a couple of minutes, I noticed I was hearing a noise. Turned out to be Inspector breathing! He was really congested, and his eyes were runny. I gave him his meds, forced some food (AD) mixed with a little water and some Nutri-cal into him. (He didn't appreciate it much). I decided to get some humidity going, to break up the congestion some, so I put him in a carrier and covered it with a towel. I nuked a cup of water to boiling, and put it under the towel with him. After all this, I gave him another 20ML's of fluids. Just hoped he would sleep. He seems better now, but I will keep a close eye on him.

Inspector feels well enough to bathe.

When I came home today I was greeted with a huge amount of very watery vomit on the office floor. Wasn't sure who the culprit was, but about 30 minutes after I cleaned it up, I heard retching behind me. I turned in time to see Aruba unleash a stream of very watery vomit. About 10 minutes after cleaning that up, she was happily playing with her sister, looking completely fine.

Some hammock play.

And 30 minutes later, they were done!

Serious tortie crash!

Belize is still the least scared. It looks like she will be a talker. Sometimes she wakes up from a nap, and cries! I kept thinking she was in pain, but no. Just looking for attention. Of course, when they hear the cry, all the others come running to see what's happening.

Belize is the fleecy string champion.

Jamaica joins in on the fleecy fun.

Of course, they all need serious socialization, but it's hard to give them all enough time, especially when one (or more) is sick. Inspector got a lot of attention yesterday, but I made some time to hold all of them today. I need to get my friends over to help!

Gadget makes a rare appearance.


Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

Good luck with the socialisation of the babies - every baby should have carers like you wonder-full ladies who foster. Little Inspector looks so fragile, health and happiness to him. and the rest of the gang are gorgeous, blessed be everybody. Will Boz get to meet them if they stay long enough? And he is well, i hope.

Jamie said...

Boz is doing well, thanks for asking. :) He has actually met them, the first day they were here. I tried to pick up Jamaica and she had a hissy fit, and it freaked him out! He has jumped over the door blocker I had up, but he looks around and leaves. :) Once everyone is well, I am sure they will get to meet all the resident cats, and Bentley. I was just up weighing everyone, and Inspector has gained weight! Not a lot, but some, and he was playing! Yay!

Angel and Kirby said...

Good luck with your babies!