Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inspector heads out

Yes, Inspector made his way back to the shelter yesterday, so he could be neutered today, and go on view tomorrow. I feel bad, keeping Gadget all alone in my office, but it's for his own good.

I noticed him making chirping sounds and mewing last night and this morning. Even though he still runs to hide, and makes me "catch" him, he starts to purr almost immediately after I pick him up. Let's hope this works! I want the little guy to find a great forever home.

We did have some quality quiet time with Gadget today. Joy had him in the bedroom, watching TV for a good hour this evening while I was in with Cindy Lou, weighing the babies. He was very good, and did the purr thing for the majority of the time. As I sit here now, he just realized Bosley was in the room, and he is all over him! I really do feel bad that he is alone all day. :( I still feel hopeful that he will be adopted, and will make a good pal for the perfect person.

Once Gadget heads back next week, I will scrub down the office, and get it prepared for Cindy Lou and the baby Whos. They are holed up in my guest room for now (the old kitty room). It's not a problem since the baby Whos are still contained in a carrier and still have their eyes closed. Hopefully Mama and babies will stay healthy...which is another big reason for a heavy duty scrub down. And my office needs it anyway!

I can see the Who's won't be contained for long!

Unfortunately, I heard some sneezing today. Cindy Lou seems a little sneezy, and at least one of the babies. I am going to put her on lysine tomorrow, and hope we head it off.

This girl looks a little like Hogan, from the Homies back in Feb of 09.

I also saw...a flea! I will take a flea comb to them all tomorrow too. Can't be having fleas here. No way.

The darkest of the grey ears.


Angel and Kirby said...

Good luck to Inspector and to Gadget! THE Who's are sweet/

Webbthistle said...

I am sure Inspector will be adopted quickly - and equally positive that the loving vibes in your home will reach Gizmo and he will turn into a great house kitty.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Paws crossed for Inspector and Gadget! You've done a great job with them!

OK, who can resist the Whos, I ask you?? Looking forward to watching them grow and hoping the sneezies are short lived.

Heavy duty wishes here that the flea is very lonely and hasn't reproduced. Man, oh, man, infestations are just the pits!

Doodle Bean said...

C'mon, Gadget, socialize!!