Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Sierra went back to the shelter for spay-day yesterday. Now the 5 itty bitties are orphans. OK, not really. They are weaned, and not the least bit worried about where mama is! The meds seem to have the runny poop taken care of, and these guys are closing in on 2lbs. I bet tonight Kelsey and Hogan go over that magic mark. When I first started fostering, they went out for spay/neuter at 2 lbs, but nowadays, we keep them until they are 2 1/2lbs. Safer to spay then, and they get a chance to get a little stronger. Besides, they are just as cute at 2 1/2lbs as they are at 2!

They are 7 weeks and 2 days old today! It's rare to know the exact date of birth, but these guys were born in the shelter, so we know the exact date. I think I am going to supply some of my photos for a local cat non-profit, showing the development from 1 day old to 8 weeks old, so people that find feral kittens will have an idea exactly how old they are. I will post some of the 1 day pix and the 8 week pix when these guys hit that mark, and everyone can see the progress.

I caught the itty bitties during a quite time. How rare! Halicy is sleepy.

Sage climbs up onto my lap.

Kelsey looks good on a deep red background.

Hogan looks up when I enter, but makes no move to get up.

Dot doing her Dot thing. She has really gotten to be quite happy to be held...way more than the others.


Angel said...

THey are so sweet.

Martin J Hooper said...

Kelsey has some lovely fur colouring! Didn't see the tortie colours before...

Martha said...

Good luck Sierra!

AnnF said...

Oh, so very adorable. All good wishes for Sierra to find her home and staff.