Sunday, April 12, 2009

miracle meds

Yes indeed, the Metronidazole has already worked wonders. No more squirts for the itty bitties! Everyone has gained weight, and although they are not to happy with me about giving them the Metro, they have a short memory.



Hogan winks and gets the camera's total attention away from Kelsey.

Halicy is tired

Dot showing off her lip-liner and o course, her "dot".

I am probably going to take Sierra back to the shelter this week, so she can get on view before there are a ton of kittens there, so she has a better chance of getting adopted soon. I just checked the site, and there are no kittens on it yet. That means Sierra will get more looks. If you know anyone who would love a nice, maybe 2 or 3 year old cat, who is fine with other cats and she doesn't seem to be afraid of dogs, let me know! She is a sweet girl, and as you can see, beautiful.

Sierra hopes to get a new forever home sooner than later.


Angel said...

We will purr for Sierra for her furever home!

AnnF said...

Good to hear that the "dire rear" situation is over!

Fingers crossed for Sierra to get a wonderful forever home with plenty of love and attention.

Jamie said...

She went in for todays spay day. The itty bitties seem to be just fine without her there to referee. She should go up tomorrow for view.