Tuesday, April 7, 2009

see saw see saw

Well, Dot is back to her 2 steps forward, one step back deal. She lost weight again. Not sure what's up. She is fine otherwise, and I watched her go at it with the other 4 as hard as anyone. I did give them all some KMR tonight mixed with a can. They all loved that.

I spent a good amount of time cleaning the kitty room tonight. I am hoping again that we have the whole litter box thing down now, but I am sure there will be accidents. I think I may have to add a third box.

They decided they like the dangley toy. Kelsey went after it with abandon! Poor Dot couldn't get a swat in edgewise. She did finally get a couple swats in with Halacy, and by herself when the others were occupied with something else.

Joy ran the vacuum in the hallway, and there was some freaking out, but only for a minute...except for Hogan. He was really scared. He hid under the supply cart until it stopped. He did eventually come out.

I thought Sierra was done nursing them, but looks like I was wrong!


Angel said...

I hope it is nothing to worry about with Dot. They are all look very playful

Poppy Q said...

Aww they are just so precious.

Martha said...

Sierra is awfully generous...I would have closed down the bar by now!

Junior and Orion said...

Such cuties!!!!!!!

AnnF said...

Oh, they manage to look so very, very angelic.

I suspect that Madame Sierra also thought that everybody was done nursing, until they finally wore her down.

Jamie said...

Surprisingly enough, Sierra plops down and lets them come. They are not all that eager to belly up, but if they stop playing long enough, they will have at it.