Friday, July 25, 2008

More photos in rememberance

Of course the first kitten here is Noah.

The adult cat and the little orange kitten are the same. LT was adopted by my friend Deb, and he ended up having a heart problem. He died at a year old.

The black and white kitten is Bernie Mac. (AKA Gizmo) He was already spoken for, and was ready to go back the very next day when he started having balance problems, and his eyes were vibrating. He had some neurological problem. He never made it back home either.

In the photos on the previous post, we have Sloth, and Mole. They were the last of the kittens of Shanna. She had 5, but one never even made it here. The other two, I am looking for photos, were only here for a day or 2 before they were so sick, they had to be put to sleep. Mole and Sloth went a few days later. Shanna, their mother, made it, and was a wonderful cat.

The puddle of tabby cats were Sandy's babies. I can't tell who is who, but 3 of these kittens didn't make it. Sandy didn't either.

The last little black kitten belonged to Ossie. She was the most shy of the litter, and she was on view for adoption when the morning staff came in and noticed she was lethargic, and not well. They tried to help her, but she was put to sleep that evening.

These are the babies we lost. Hopefully, this list won't grow any more.

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