Monday, July 14, 2008

Round 2

Our second litter came in at the heels of the first, which is good. It helped to get over the "loss" of those little guys. This litter was a mom, and 7 babies. The babies are seen here. I will try to remember their names, but they were a little older when we got them, and didn't stay as long. Mama is Lillian, named by my friend Kim, who did eventually adopt her. The kitten that looks like her is Emily, there was Gabby and Maddie, Merlin...Ugh. I waited too long to get this down. I can't remember the other names! Oh well...There have been so many. Maybe they will come to me at a later date.

These guys were nuts. OK, Lillian was nuts. She still is, and I do see her every now and again.

We had a Great Dane at that time, Molly, who really didn't even acknowledge any of our cats. We also had Shatzi, who was a pretty ill tempered old girl when it came to other cats. Of course, we were also told that we needed to keep the fosters separate from our own animals, to prevent spreading of anything either way. Well, that proved to be a difficult proposition with this group. Lillian had just about had enough of this kitten thing, so she would do her best to escape as soon as we tried to get in the door! Of course, then all 7 babies would follow. Finally, we took one of Molly's big foam dog beds, and we would bow it out, and set it in the doorway before we could open it. Of course, Lillian would fly overtop, and run into another room to get a break from all those babies. Can't say I blame her.

All those babies got adopted right away, and of course, so did Lillian.

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