Thursday, August 21, 2008

Everyone is at weight!

After a big stall in weight gain, Natalie had a "surge" and is now 2lbs, 12 oz! Yay! All are scheduled to go back to the shelter for the next spay/neuter day, which is Tuesday. I will most likely take them back Friday or Saturday.

I was in their room this morning, trying to take some photos, but it is really hard to do when they are in their room. As soon as I sit down, they climb all over me. They bite the camera strap, they touch their nose to the lens, they jump from the kitty condo to my get the picture. I did manage to get some though.

Poor Joy spent some time cleaning the kitty room yesterday while I was at a networking function. I have been rather neglectful as far as a good scrubbing goes, and it really can get bad fast. Because all were on kaopectate, and also the Panacur worming meds, there were little pink and white splatter marks all over the floor where they try to spit it out and shake their heads. The pink and white liquid does tend to fly. She did a great job cleaning the place up. I appreciated it, and I am sure the itty bitties did too. Once they are back at the shelter, I will clean the place up top to bottom. The walls next to the litter boxes get abused, especially when there is loose stool involved. They inadvertently step in it, and shake the offensive foot to clean it off. So, a good wall scrubbing is in order. Nuff said.


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Sounds like we'll be scrubbing in harmony this weekend! Congrats to Robyn...they are prone to those surges at this stage. Hope she keeps it up.