Monday, August 18, 2008

More play time

As the itty bitties get bigger and bigger, they are less and less happy to be locked in one room, so they get some play time each day with full access to the whole house. Of course, Sullivan wants to run down to the basement immediately. I have no idea why he is so intent on the basement, but he is determined.

While out and about, Natalie found one of Buck's favorite play things. It's true, Buck's favorite toy is a paper ball. If you crunch up paper, Buck will come running from where ever he is in the house. Natalie carried that paper ball around the entire time she was out. Buck will fetch it, bring it back and will keep that up for a long time. Natalie just likes to carry it around, and will even play with the little mouse toy with the paper ball in her mouth.

Reuben is a sweet guy. He tries hard to keep up with the other two. When he came here, he was sort of a bully. He had so much energy, he would "Catzilla" the others, attacking them relentlessly. Now he is the one on the receiving end of that most of the time.

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