Thursday, August 14, 2008

Out and about

The itty bitties got to come and "visit" today. We had friends over, and they got to come out and play. They are all three into something at all times, and it's hard to keep up sometimes. My friend Deb got some great shots of Reuben hiding in a crock. They got about 45 minutes of running time, and I put them back in their room. After about 5 minutes, they were romping around up there, and everyone in the room understood why this blog is called elephantsupstairs.

So, we have two pictures of Reuben, being all cute, a picture of Joy holding all 3 of the itty bitties, and what's that last photo? No, it's not a cat. We had a family of 5 racoons in our side yard tonight. The little buggers have been after my fish in my fish pond, so I have put netting over it to keep them out. Now they come and eat the food we put out for the feral cats! I guess we just adopted them, too.


ted said...

We've got a raccoon that makes an occasional backyard appearance, plus a possum who lives in a burrow under our house. Our neighbors support both by leaving cat food outside. We contribute the two large dogs which keep the critters in line.

ted said...

btw, great pix of Reuben in the vase!

Jamie said...

We have had possums, and now the 'coons. Bentley goes ballistic when he sees them. And my old dog Cody buried a few baby possums in the yard. We feed some feral cats, and the coons come to feast. At least it keeps them out of my fish pond!