Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bentley and the itty bitties

Bentley is always waiting outside the door to the kitty room whenever he is upstairs. He loves checking them out, as well as looking for any stray food he might be able to snag when he is in there. The babies are not afraid of him anymore, and mama isn't either. The itty bitties are all close to 2 lbs, so I figure maybe 4 more weeks, and they will be ready to go. This could be the last litter of the year. It has been a hard year, with a few losses, and a lot of poop.

Last I heard, there were a lot of babies waiting to go to foster homes. I always feel like I should take some more, but I also don't want to risk introducing any unwanted germs to my fairly healthy litter. I am always trying to get others to volunteer to foster. I hear from people all the time that say, "I love kitens, but they grow up to be cats, and I don't like cats." Fostering is the best possible scenario. You get to have the kittens, but you give them away before they grow up!

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