Saturday, September 20, 2008


Weekends for the itty bitties are a little different from weekdays. I feed them a little later, and I am in and out more often usually. If we have no big plans for the day, we usually let them have more "out of the kitty room" time.

Today, they didn't get time out until around 5, but they made the most of it. They love the bathroom, as have many of our past litters. The last couple used to run from the front bedroom, down the hall and into the bathroom. These guys don't do the running down the hall part, but they love to play in the bathroom. They like playing under the door. They Catzilla the tag on the floor mat, and try to climb the shower curtain.

They also seem to be drawn to the terracotta duck. I saw Gwen wrestling it, on it's back with paws wrapped around it's neck. Looked like a fair fight to me. This photo looks like they are engaged in a passionate kiss!

The rug was bunched up from Buck, chasing his paperball, but the kittens loved fighting with the wrinkles.

The biggest problem is, they don't want to go back in the room. It takes me longer and longer to get them in the room and shut the door, as they keep trying to run out while I try to put them in. Even opening a can of food isn't enough.

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