Wednesday, February 25, 2009

back to it

Day two of the 2009 kitty season.
All seems to be well. mama and I have come to an understanding. She kept moving the kittens to the corner, but the babies kept rolling on to the cold floor. I moved the bed over to face the corner, and put the itty bitties in the bed. She has not moved them again since this afternoon.

Nothing much to report, and hard to get any really good pictures. They seem to always have their heads in mama's belly, and when I pick them up to take pix, they cry, and mama gets a little uptight. So, I got a few pix, but I will try to get more tomorrow.

I decided that Lana is not a good name for this Mama, who is very sweet, and very pretty. I think Sierra is better. So, now I need to come up with names for the 5 babies. So far, they are still a bit too small to figure out what sex they are, so either gender neutral names, or we wait a week or so. I am happy to entertain any suggestions!


Martha said...

What a gorgeous girl...hope everything goes smoothly with the babies. Looking forward to tracking their progress!

Jamie said...

Yeah, me too. Now I need to get close up face shots, so I can tell them all apart!