Monday, February 23, 2009

midwinter and still kittenless

Being kittenless is a good thing this time of year. We get the opportunity to recharge, and the feral cats outside get a chance to not be caring for kittens. If your area has a TNR program, please help with the kitten population in your area! You can contact AlleyCat allies, and get some help trapping any feral cats in your neighborhood. Then, they are taken to a local vet where they are spay/neutered, and then re-released in the same place they were caught. No more kittens! We had 2 neighborhood cats that "participated" in the program, and we have not seen any mama cats this past year. We have seen a couple of big black Tom cats, but they aren't doing any harm to our girls. : )

Here you see a picture of a couple of the Orange Tabbies from our first litter, all grown up. This is Sadie and Latte. They still live in my neighborhood, and I see them from time to time. They don't really remember me anymore, but they are certainly loved at their forever home!

Looks like Sadie gets the lions share of the food!

More good news! Gia was finally adopted! You will have to go back to September, and see her. She was the very sleek very small mama cat. Mother to Gibby, Greer and Gwendolyn, the 3 black kittens. Anyway, the former volunteer coordinator from the shelter adopted her this weekend! Yay! Another happy ending. Last I heard, she was checking things out, and seems to be adjusting well. I will of course get some pix of her to post later.
Here she is from August.

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