Friday, February 27, 2009

we have urine!

Yes, there was urine in the litter box this morning! Yay! Also, a totally empty water bowl. Then, around lunch time, there was poop! This girl just spaces her business further apart than most. She is fine.

We seemed to have come to a truce on where the babies are better off. I moved the bed next to where she keeps moving them, but on occasion, she will still move one or two of them, and then it seems like she gets tired, and just forgets. I came home this evening and one of them, the mostly black one, was all by herself asleep in the back of the shelf. I picked her up, and she was wailing! She seemed to be pretty hungry, but was having a hard time finding a "tap" to hook on to. Almost like she was too excited. I tried to help, and after many times trying, she got one, and wow, she was going at it. All 4 little legs were pumping! She is small, but scrappy, and she was not going to let any of her siblings dislodge her! And oh, they tried! She would tire, and seem to start to fall asleep, but I would stroke her back, and she was at it again, all 4 little legs pumping.

Everyone gained weight today, Most are around 5 1/2 oz. One is about 6 1/4. We have a LONG way to go to get to 2lbs, 9 oz. Should be a fun ride, and we all get to see them grow up.

I was having trouble figuring out who was who, so I took the following photos.
I still need a good face photo of the first little girl. This is the one who was off by herself.

I am fairly sure they are all girls, except for number 2 there. Still a little hard to tell when they are this small. Gotta get some names working. Post 'em if you have any suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Deb here - OMG, they are soo cute. Makes me think of my girls -who are over 11lbs now! Sierra, huh? Did you remember that was Pris's cats name?
(fyi -I chose Annymous becasue I couldn't remember my passowrd. )

Jamie said...

LOL! Forgot your password? Too many blows to the head! ; ) No, I didn't remember that, but she just looks like a Sierra. I was thinking of some appropriate Diva names for them. The little scrappy one might be Kelsey, (Em) the one with a lot of orange on her face might be Halicy, and the little boy might be...Hogan! LOL! Thought about the one that is always at the bottom of the pile being Troell, but I didn't know...