Wednesday, March 4, 2009

big new world

Wow these guys are growing up fast! The gestation period for cats is only about 60-65 days, so considering that, I guess eyes open in less than a week, and moving around in less than 2 is about right. They are really starting to look around and explore. I am going to have to make some changes soon!

I have started to split a bottle 5 ways a couple of times a day, and Kelsey and Hogan took to it the fastest. Halicy cracks me up. She is a little more difficult to take the bottle, but once she latches on, she sort of goes limp, and almost balls up while she has at it. Kelsey has now started to come looking for me to feed her when she hears me come in the room.

Kelsey looking for the giant food machine

Everyone gained weight, and seem to be doing well. Hogan had his eye lids stuck together this morning, but after a warm water wipe down, he has been fine the rest of the day. Hopefully that will be a non issue, and no more glued eyes!

Hogan takes a big step down while Halicy gives a shove

Hogan and "Dot" take a look around

Kelsey and Dot

Everyone belly up to the bar. Always room for jello


Martha said...

They look so great! Must be fun to see them progress so fast.

AnnF said...

Awwwww...they have that wobbly look, as though they're not quite sure how all their legs fit into this whole walking concept, but as long as they can get to the grub, they'll figure it out.

Thanks for sharing them with us!

Jamie said...

Thanks for looking! They are pretty wobbly, but they get where they want to go, just takes them a minute! Won't be long before I will not be able to keep up with them.