Sunday, March 15, 2009

kindergarten graduation

We reached a new milestone this weekend. Both of the rockets have started to use the litter box! Sometimes it takes a little prodding, but if I put them in the box, they will use it. No more pee soaked Caddo! I also have let them out of their laundry basket, and let them have free roam of my office. They stay pretty close to their warm bed, so I am not to worried. Plus, their teeth are so small at this time, I am not worried about them chewing wires. When they start to roam too much, I will set up the playpen.

The biggest surprise is, someone peed in the litter box in the Homestead! Not Sierra's box either, the little one I put in there for the babies. Don't know who it was, but I was shocked to see it. Sierra has become a bit of a pain with the litter box. She has started standing in it, but pooping over the edge. Now is about the time I get a new gallon of Natures Miracle.

Couple of scares this weekend too. Yesterday, Arnie lost his appetite. Just didn't want to eat. He lost almost a full oz! He finally got back to normal, and has been back and forth, but shows no other signs of illness. This morning Caddo seemed to forget how to drink from the bottle, and just wanted to chew on it. I managed to get some breakfast into both of them, but when they don't latch on, it takes forever, plus they get so much air in their bellies, they have to be burped. Yes, they burp.

In the Homestead, Halicy was 2 days of no gain, then a loss. She is back on the bottle supplement, and has gained some. It does make it a bit more difficult to have them in two separate rooms, but I think when they are all on solids, they can all be together, and they will be fine. Sierra will probably go back to the shelter once they are weaned anyway, so she can be spayed and go on view. I am sure someone will snatch her up right away. She had a home at some point, because she hears the Kitty treats when you shake the bottle and she comes running. She will be happy to have all the attention from her new family.

Halicy knows it's time for the bottle, and comes running.

Sierra takes a break from babysitting.


Martin J Hooper said...

What a lovley pic of Mum!!

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

SO CUTE! Mommy is beautiful. I love the pictures of the babies!!!