Wednesday, March 11, 2009

quiet before the storm

Well, it didn't take Sierra long to show her distain for the interlopers. After the first tentative meeting, I was so hopeful that Sierra would just accept these guys as her own. Not so much. While all the kittens were sleeping together, Sierra was across the room, watching. Then, Caddo peed all over the place. Probably needs an antibiotic, but that's another story...
So, once Sierra's babies smelled like the bottle rockets, (that would be the new itty bitties) she decided she didn't want anything to do with ANY of them! I was in pure panic mode at the thought of having to bottle feed 7 babies!

Bottle Rocket smack down

I went into action. Wiped down Sierra's babies. Washed my hands with hand sanitizer, and once they were dry, wiped the smell of the alcohol on the kittens. They, I rubbed Sierra's head with the same smell, and I prayed for good results. After a few minutes of heavy attention from me, she decided to roll over and let them nurse. Whew.

In the mean time, I had to clean up Caddo, the incredible pee machine, and get him dried off. I bottle fed both the boys, and put them in a laundry basket in my office. I heated up 3 of the cuddle disks, or whatever they are called, and then covered the basket with a towel. They were very snuggley and warm. I also got up at 1:45 and gave them a bottle, and found Caddo had peed all over himself again! New towels, wipedown, bottle for 2, and a quick peek in to see how Sierra and crew were doing. She was near them...but not with them, so I sat with her, and placed one kitten with her. She fell over to let her nurse, then I got all the other ones out and put them with her and went to bed! Back to sleep by 2:30.

Arnie seems to say, "Who, me?"

All was well in the morning. More bottle for the boys, and a reheating of the disks. Off to work. Back at 1:30. Bottle for both, and yes, more pee! Decided Caddo needed a real bath, so he got one. Bishop came in and jumped right in the basket with the boys, and gave them a little bath before heading back out. Caddo was almost dry before he peed all over himself again! I am getting baby wipes this evening!

Bishop checks out the new arrivals.

So, all are sleeping soundly now, and all seems to be well, with the exception of the peeing thing. Ted and Martha, don't worry about the Bottle Rockets, they will be fine. Bishop will help. I think I will go to bed early.

Bishop makes sure Caddo's head is clean. Wrong end Bishop. His head isn't the problem!


AnnF said...

Oh, poor Caddo! And poor you, after that scare about Sierra possibly going on strike.

Bishop looks so kind with the Bottle Rockets.

Jamie said...

Caddo is doing fine. He is a funny little thing. I hope to hear back from the vet today about the whole peeing thing. He was dry at 1:30, but had peed all over at 6:00. He got fed, and got a bath this morning, and seemed happier for it.
Bishop is a great baby sitter. If you go WAY back in the blog, there is a picture of Bishop with some of my very sick orphans. Lost that whole litter, including mama, except for those two, and Bishop really helped with them. He loves the babies.