Thursday, July 30, 2009

back on track...I think

For the most part, the cougars and the little 'uns seem to be back on track. They are all still sneezing, and we have a lot of runny eyes and snotty noses, but everyone seems to be eating and gaining for the most part.

I am a little worried, because I am going out of town for the weekend, and a friend is baby sitting my cats, and the itty bitties while I am away. She is a cat lover and owner, and I am sure she won't have any problems, but I always worry when I leave them, since I know them best, and can tell pretty quickly when something starts to go south, before it gets bad. They are all Ok I think and will be fine for a couple of days. (I am sure I will annoy my friend to death texting to make sure all is well. ;)

Diego is doing well, and seems to be getting his old energy back finally. He shoots out the door, along with Sport and Dora whenever I open it. Today, Justine was also at the door, trying to get out. I suppose I will have to let them have the run of the upstairs soon. Maybe when I get back.

Diego was still a bit run down yesterday...

But obviously, he is feeling better today.

Sport has really begun to show a lot of personality, climbing up my back, wanting to get attention. Mowgli is a major spaz, and is constantly running wild. The funny thing is, you can hypnotize him by holding him on his back, and rubbing his head. He immediately goes limp. It's about the only time he is still!

Sport shows off his much cleaner nose.

Justine & Sport play with the paperball.

Mowgli pauses for a split second....

At what time I snag him, and hypnotize him.

The cougars are all snotty. Justine lost a bit of weight from last night, as did John Cougar. Nothing serious, but you can tell they don't feel well. None of them were happy when I put a couple of squirts of saline up their noses, and put eye medicine goop in their runny eyes. I also decided to give both John Cougar and Justine a pill. It has an antihistamine and an appetite stimulant in it, and it must taste horrible. I dissolve it (1/4 pill) in a syringe, and squirt it in their mouth. I didn't get it far enough to the back of Johnny's tongue, and he was drooling for about 5 minutes. I am hoping 1 does will do the trick. I think it only took one dose for Diego.

Johnny is feeling a bit rundown.

Jessica feels well enough to give the paper ball a workout.

And play with the magic wand.

Justine has her way with the paperball.

When I left them this evening, they were all winding down from play. I will check on them before bed, and maybe feed them once more. Hoping they will all feel better in the morning.


Angel and Kirby said...

they are sweet. We are sure they will be OK while you take a break.

Anonymous said...

We're also sending feel-better vibes and purrayers for all your little ones. They sure look cute...

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Fingers crossed for 1 dose effectiveness! Have a great weekend... I'm sure your friend will do fine.
BTW, love the hypnosis! ;-)