Friday, September 18, 2009

biding our time

The itty bitties are hangin' here, waiting to get big enough to go back and be adopted to their forever homes. In the mean time, they eat, drink, play and poop like they have not a worry in the world, besides when I will open he door and let them out! As you can see by the little movie below, they REALLY like to get out.

Other times, they are eating, or sleeping, or screaming for food or "out time".

As much as I will miss them, I have to say I am about done for this season. When these guys go back, I will be going on vacation, and by the time I get back, kitten season should be about over.

These guys are cute, and they will all find homes, but remember, if you see feral cats in your neighborhood, there is an option besides euthanasia! You can contact Alleycat Allies, and they can help you get a program in your area for TNR. Trap, Neuter, Release. To learn more, go to Remember, for every one we foster, another little kitten grows up to live a hard life on the streets.


quiltcat said...

That video is hilarious! little tiny jailbreakers heading every which way, then reforming as a wave all going in one direction. The kitten squeals and somebody's chuckle are adorable..more film, please! I sure hope that's the end of the kitten season and that you get to enjoy a nice vacation

Angel and Kirby said...

That is the sweetest video! We are glad you are getting a vacation. How are things going at the shelter? Any more sick kittens.

Jamie said...

So far, no more sick kittens, and they may lift the ban on kitten adoptions this weekend. Lets hope so!

I will add some more video. Everyone seems to like it.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, yes! More video! That would be great, Jamie!! The "pile out" was just adorable.

We sure will miss you when you're on hiatus, but will keep checkin' back! Enjoy the break!

And thanks for the PSA on AlleyCats! TNR is so important!


Doodle Bean said...

Kitteh stampede!!!!!