Friday, September 25, 2009


Seems like Reno is on the mend. We went to the vet, yet again, yesterday. She had started a slow decline, then the decline started to pick up speed. She is back on Metro, and after 3 doses, she seems to have perked up. I also gave her 15 MLs (1/2 oz) of SubQ fluids today, which also probably made her feel better. I opened up a can of Buck's food, which is Proplan Chicken and Rice in gravy, and she dove in! This is great news, as she has hardly been eating for the last 3 days, and had been losing weight rapidly.

Reno gets in a little work, even though she is not 100%.

Reno finally gets some of her appetite back!

She is not terribly pleased with me now. The Metro is pretty nasty, and she fights tooth and nail. She still starts to drool when I get the syringe near her, but it is helping, so we will both have to deal with it!

Colonel gets ready to pounce on someone.

The rest of the circus is doing fine. Vegas caught right back up to her brother Major, and they go back and forth between heaviest, and second heaviest. Colonel is right behind them. I think they all are ready for Spay Day, but they are still under quarantine, so I have them for at least another week. Yes, they are sweet, and I always miss them when they go, but 7 kittens who are bordering on teenagers are a lot to handle. I went into their room this week, and they had gotten a roll of paper towels down and shredded it. It looked like it had snowed in there. (Sorry, I didn't think to get a picture)

Buck always acts indignant when there are kittens here, but the reality is, he loves them. He hides, and jumps out and runs, like he is afraid of them, and he chases them and lets them chase him. Here you can see him playing with all the itty bitties.

Itty Bitties interested in the box.

Ah ha! Now we know what they were interested in.

He is also very good with Reno. Here he is chillin' with his little baby foster sister.

I have a friend interested in adopting both Colonel and Dallas! I am very excited about that. They have 4 children, so they will have non stop entertainment. And of course, regular updates!

Vegas lounges on the carrier after conquering the beast of the box (Buck).

Hopefully next week we will have more good news with Reno as she battles back from whatever is ailin' her!


Angel and Kirby said...

We are glad Reno is doing better. SHe and Buck are so sweet together.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Aaaakkkk... gonna expire of the sweetness! Buck and Reno snuggling is toooo much!

Yay on an adopter for Colonel and Dallas (and one who will grant visitation rights, at that!).

So glad Reno is on the road to recovery, Jamie! I know it's had to be a big worry!

Doodle Bean said...

Those photos of Buck and Reno are the best! Hope she battles back and stays healthy!