Wednesday, November 18, 2009

on a roller coaster ride

I suppose nothing worthwhile is easy. Little Bosley is a conundrum, for sure. He is sweet, seems happy most of the time, but keeps vomiting, and thus losing weight! The Orange Screamers are both now around 2lbs, 3 oz, and Bosley is still back and forth between 13 and 14 oz.

Bosley gets some TLC from Dylan while he sleeps on the warming disk.

He went back to the vet yesterday, and they gave him more meds for the stomach issues. He gets a shot 3 times a day, about a half an hour before meals. I think it's helping. I didn't see any vomit yesterday after noon, or this morning, and he was screaming for breakfast. Hopefully, he is eating when I am not around, because all he wants when he sees me is the bottle. I can't stop giving it to him yet, because he can't afford to lose any weight. I did try yesterday to syringe some Nutri-cal into him. Funny...turns out, he really likes it! He will be getting that 3 times a day too. He needs all the calories he can get.

Bentley seems to know Bosley needs some love.

The Angels are all doing great. All are up to weight, and should go back for spay day on Tuesday. They have now experienced the "outside" world of the upstairs that is outside the kitty room door, and Sabrina is always the first to run out when I come in. This morning they were running back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom, while the screamers had their faces in the food bowl, and Bosley was sucking on the bottle.

Dylan and Sabrina get some toy time in before they run the hall.

Last night they all got to hang out with Bentley for a little while. The little 'uns have no fear, but the Angels were a bit tentative at first. Alex was more afraid than anyone, but Bentley has a healthy respect for any cat that "gets their back up" and he let her be. Eventually, she got past her fear, and was running the hall with her Angel sisters and the screamers.

Bentley gives Scooby a face washing...

...Now it's Bosley's turn.

Shaggy and Scooby are rolling right along, doing their kitten thing. Scooby has already figured out how to get on the condo. I suspect Shaggy won't be far behind. They both look all scraggly again, like they never had a bath at all! I guess it's because they tend to really "get into" their food. Aside from some loose stools, they are both doing great.

Scooby and Shaggy "get into" their meals.

Shaggy looks scraggly again.

Scooby figured out how to get on the condo.

Hopefully when I post again, Bosley will be rolling along, back on track. I have gotten quite attached to him, (as I always do when I have a sick kitten that needs a lot of my time and attention) and hope I can find a friend to adopt him.


Angel and Kirby said...

WE are purring that Bosley will pick up and growing.

Jamie said...

Bosley is up to 14 oz today, and I haven't seen any vomit! Keep your fingers crossed!

Webbthistle said...

Go Bosley!!! Your fan club is cheering you on!

I love those pictures with Bentley, who seems so gentle!

Diane said...

Love the pictures. I think Shaggy was aptly named! He looks a little shaggy!

Glad Bosley is continuing to improve. He's so lucky to have you looking after him!

Jamie said...

Still have note seen vomit. He REALLY wants the bottle, but I have to get him off it. Stated him on baby food, and he seems to like that just fine!

AnnF said...

Yeah, Bosley! Keep it up! (And keep that food in, too.)

Those pictures with Bentley are wonderful. Such a gentle giant with the little ones.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Read your updates, Jamie... soooo glad Bosley is coming along! Will be keeping him (and you) in purrayer.

OMG! I'm in love! Is Bentley an awesome foster brother, or what?!

Great pics and narrative... have I mentioned your posts are always worth waiting for?

Ted said...

Jamie - I haven't checked your blog in a while. Fingers crossed for Bosley. I really hope he gets over 1 pound soon... getting stuck below that level is scary. As is vomiting/dehydration. Our super-fosterer told us that you can keep small kittens alive on just Pedialyte and Nutrical. The NC has a lot more calories and impact than baby food.

Jamie said...

I PROMISE I will post another blog before I leave for thanksgiving! Bosley is over 1lb! YAY! He is pretty much living on Nutra-cal and KMR. If I time his meals right, I think he keeps it down. I have only had to SQ fluids twice. The girls are going back to the shelter Wednesday, and the boys are going to another fosterer for the weekend. Well, except Bosley. He is coming to Grandma and Grandad's! He is too fragile for me to trust anyone else with him. I spoke to the vet tonight, and got more of the anti vomit meds, and 3 doses of SQ penicillin. He took about 3/4 of an oz of KMR, which is not such a big deal, but I didn't give him his vomit meds. That is huge! Normally he won't eat at all without the shot, and waiting half an hour.

Jamie said...

Oh, another interesting thing I discovered. I didn't think Bosley was vomiting at all, but yesterday I was in the kitty room, getting him to eat some baby food. I didn't wait too long after his vomit meds, and I could tell he was about to vomit. Well, he walked over to the litter box, and vomited in there. Not only that, but he covered it up. But, that being said, he is not dehydrated, so hopefully that was an isolated incident.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

What a fastidious little guy! (Even if it does mask his true condition.) Glad he's going to be with family for Thanksgving!! You know I'm totally smitten with your tiny B boy! Keep on growing Bosley!

While we eat up your posts, Jamie, don't worry about them. You've got your hands full with those sweeties! They come first!

Diane said...

Wish I could get my cats to yack up their hairballs in the litterbox... you go, Bosley!

If he's gaining weight, I'd like to think he can't be hiding too much from you, Jamie. Hope he continues to improve.