Sunday, May 16, 2010

enjoying good times

Boz continues to grab the heart of all that meet him. Being the tiny guy that he is, people are drawn to him. He got to meet a couple of his facebook fans in person last week, and I think they were smitten.

Boz snoozes on a pillow.

We still have some vomiting, but he is growing! I know he will never be a normal sized cat, which is OK. He gets along just fine. He can leap onto tall stools in a single bound! We were able to remove his "box" from in front of the counter, because he can jump onto the stool without it. He has gotten quite daring with his leaping skills. He jumps from the top of the kitty condo, down to the sofa! Even the big cats don't do that. I haven't weighed him recently, but I am pretty sure he is over 3lbs now.

Ripley sleeps in her favorite warm spot.

Bosley is about to leap off the top of the kitty condo.

Bosley tries to figure out how he got himself in this predicament!

Finally Buck leave so Boz can get down.

He still loves to hang out on the deck. He loves the sun, and is content to be where we are. If we go in, he stands at the door and waits to be let in. I wish Bishop was like that. If he gets out, he makes a bee line to the fence! He doesn't go far, and waits for us to come get him, but we are very careful to keep an eye on him when we go in and out.


Webbthistle said...


Thank you for such great news about Bosley. I love the videos - he is such a big little man now!
What a blessing to your home.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

What Webbthistle said!! I am sooo in love with this little guy! And just tickled that he's got such loving big brothers. The "trapped between the window and Buck" pic was priceless!

You and Joy have done amazing things for our BozMan!

Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

Goo little Bozley!
we all wuv you and think of you lots.
Jaime & Joy, excellent work - you must get lots of snuggles in return.
Erm, and pardon me but all your fur kids names start 'B', yes? Nice.

Angel and Kirby said...

Boz is really looking good!

Anonymous said...

so glad to get such good news of the little guy well done and bless you! Love how the GSD helps look after him too.

angie said...

he has gotten SO BIG!!!

Jamie said...

Boz is doing great! I am sure in no small part from all the warm fuzzy vibes from his "fan club".

Lita, not ALL of our "kids" have B names. We have Ripley. And it wasn't a conscious effort on our part. The names just seemed to fit. :)

As of last night, 3 lbs, 1 1/2 oz!