Sunday, June 6, 2010

road trip

Been a while since my last post, but Boz has been fine. He has a few bad days in a row, then a few good ones. The good thing is the bad days are never as bad as they used to be, and they are further and further apart. He spends most of his days the same as most cats. :)

Boz catching some Z's and some rays.

Boz tears it up, sharpening his claws.

Bosley can't hide from the bath!

Took a trip up to Gettysburg last weekend. We didn't have a house sitter, so we took Bentley and Bosley with us. The "bigger" cats were OK on their own for one night, but I still give a little extra attention to the Boz man, so there was no way I would leave him on his own!

Bosley made sure to lay down close to his dog.

He seemed to enjoy it. He has never been afraid of much, and ran around, checking the place out with his tail high in the air! He spend the last 20 minutes or so before we went to bed running up and down the hall between the living room and the bed room, wide open! He even got Bentley going. Maybe having Bentley there helped him adjust. He does love his dog.

We did a bit of driving around on Sunday, and took some fun photos.


I think I could afford this place!

Nice covered bridge near the battlefields.

Inside the bridge.

One of the many statues in Gettysburg.


webbthistle said...

I love to hear that the Boz Man is for the main having cat-normal days! And it sounds like he was in fine form for the road trip - what tales he has to tell the older kitties!

Please pass along a snorgle from me!

Angel and Kirby said...

The Boz and his dog on a road trip! How fun. Love the pictures

Patti said...

He's a lucky, lucky boy. Is his tail as long as it looks in the cat scratch picture???? It looks REALLY long to me.

Jamie said...

Patti, he does have a really long tail, and he likes to hold it straight up! He is a funny little guy. He likes to chase it too.

AnnF said...

Box is a fearless little guy!

I bet he would have said that he could take those two big sides of beef.

Thanks again for the updates. It's wonderful that not only you take the time to foster but to keep us all up to date on them.