Monday, July 5, 2010

spaztic morning

I know, I know. I have not posted for some time. You'd think I would have more time to post, since I don't have any fosters. Not sure what is going on, but no calls from the shelter, or the other group that said they needed my help. So, for now it's just Boz and the rest of the standard kitty crew...and Bentley of course.

Boz naps.

As the title of this post alludes to, Bosley is quite the spaz this morning. He hasn't felt great the last few days, but he has turned the corner on this round it seems! Running through the house, chasing Buck, climbing the kitty condo, and leaping down from the very top. Yes, he seems to be feeling much better!

Boz entertains himself with the umbrella decorations.

Bentley on his favorite spot.

Took a weight on him this morning. Haven't done that in a while since I am not that worried abut it anymore. I mean he is almost 9 months old after all! Hard to believe. Bosley weighs 3 lbs, 13 oz. He may one day get to 4 lbs, but he will always be a mini kitty. He gets by just fine as a little guy. He goes where he wants to go, that's for sure.

Alert for the next thing to pounce on.

We are heading to my parents place down in Southern VA next weekend, and although Bentley is coming with us, it will be Bosley's first time staying home without us. A big step for all of us! My great friends Deb and Lisa will be doing kitty duty for us while we are away (only 3 days), and I know they will take great care of Bosley, Buck, Bishop and Ripley. Not that the big kitties are difficult, but Boz is a little high maintenance. He eats slow, and likes to go back after a little while. If he walks away, Buck the pig will come and eat the rest of Bosley's food. He does NOT need to eat any more food than his one small can. Boz will eat crunchies if he gets hungry, so it'll be fine.

Buck doesn't need the chair, he has the box!


Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

Yay, a Boz update! Glad you are all well and Boz is feeling upto causing mischief in his own adorable way. Enjoy your little holiday, i'm sure you'll be covered in smootches when you get back. (Ha, ha, Buck the pig, i have one of those, too!)

Angel and Kirby said...

Boz is doing so good. Have a good trip!

Diane said...

How wonderful that he has gained so much weight! He'll be at 4 pounds in no time!

Martha said...

Boz looks so grown up in this picture! We can loan you a foster or two if you need to brush up on your skills...

Jamie said...

I have still not heard anything back from the shelter, and I had a very long conversation with the new volunteer coordinator about taking bottle babies, and specifically I would make it work to assure they weren't EUing them. I didn't see many kittens on their website the last time I looked either. Makes me ill.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

I've been by about 4 times intending to comment and got interrupted every time.

First, the Boz man is looking so adorable... it's OK if he's little as long as he stays well!

That is strange about the shelter. And scary. I've kept you all in my thoughts and tried not to think the worst. You and Joy have such a loving home, and skills galore. I'm completely flummoxed why your services aren't in constant demand.