Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I know...I suck!

The Wedding Crashers have been gone for a LONG time! I have been busy, what with a basement renovation, and an office relocation to said basement, I have not had a lot of time to post anything!

As you can see, the new basement is amazing!

Where I work now.

So, I am back to it! One of Joy's coworkers adopted Jake. They adore him! I will ask for photos to post asap! Everyone has a new home, and since that was about the last litter for the winter, I have been working! On Work! OK. Mostly on the home stuff. I NEED to do more paying work! Heheh.

We got a new stove. The one we had was the one that was here when we moved in 18 years ago! It was so past it's prime...and it wasn't a very good one when it was new. So, we pulled it out, and we found out where all Bishop's toys went!

No wonder we keep buying new toys!

The rest of the hometown crew are doing well. Bosley had a rough patch there shortly after the Wedding Crashers left. He was throwing up a lot. More than usual. Took him back to see Dr. Brown (My hero!) who was just amazed at how well he has done. He gave him the once over, a shot of antibiotics for a drippy eye, subQ fluids, although he didn't think he really needed them, and a bottle of Reglan for the vomiting. It seemed to help, but got bad again a week or so later, but he seems to have gotten past it. Now he is back to his adorable self.

Yes, he is a miracle cat, and he gets whatever he wants...

And he wants to "help" me work.

My new office area rocks! As does the entire basement. My contractor is the best! He really did a fantastic job, and now all we really need is furniture. Oh, and the glass doors for the shower. As you can see here, the office is a big hit. I may need a bigger desk.

Good to know the office passes inspection.

Did I mention the floors are heated?

Bentley's friend Luna was here over the weekend. Her "parents" had to go away for the weekend, so we had her, and Bentley was so very happy. Mostly the cats were not phased, but Ripley took a few swats, just to keep her honest.

Bentley and Luna have a little tug-o-war.

Other than that, it's been a lazy animal sorta winter. I am sure there will be kittens soon enough!

Bosley never passes up a snuggle in the sunbeam.

Told you it was a lazy winter.


Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

Well, I have wondered many a time how you all were and I almost emailed you yesterday but as long as you are all good i'm happy. Boz is never going to be a big cat, is he? And it's good he wants to help you "work". And heated floors, oohhh, you'll be tripping over scattered fur-kids every time you turn around. And yes, your basement looks fabulous. Enjoy! If only we had basements in Oz...

Angel and Kirby said...

We have missed you. We are amazed at how big Boz has gotten! Heated floors sound like the cats meow!

Mari said...

Great to have you back - obviously you've made good use of your time!

Although it definitely looks like you forgot to factor in the cat beds when planning that office desk. ;-)

Jamie said...

Now we just need to get the "old" office kitten proofed for the spring deluge!

Anonymous said...


HubbleSpacePaws said...

The floors are heated??? The floors are HEATED?????

I think I hate you.

No, just jealous.

Well, hon, I haven't missed you... ;-) ....because I've been AWOL since early December myself - this winter just sucked personally.

You do not suck, btw, life just got a bit full, that's all. Glad you're back, the WCs got homes, and the hometown crew is doing well!!