Monday, July 18, 2011

long time

Seems I have been bad again about not blogging about my Elephants! I will try to do better...although I know I have said that before.

All the Whirlwinds are doing fine. Tempest is no longer nursing, and should have probably already gone back to be spayed. I kept her around to try to get her a bit more socialized. She really likes attention, but is still scared. She has been really interested in getting attention in the last few days though. Even from Bentley. Humm. Maybe she is going into heat again. Better get her back ASAP!

Chaos and Mayhem are both fine, and about to weight. They are pretty sweet, and don't really fit their names, although they do like to climb up my back when I sit on the floor in their room. They like to run out in the hall as soon as the door opens. Chaos is afraid of Bentley, at least a little, and tends to spit at him. Mayhem on the other hand loves Bentley, and tries to grab his face. He is very good with them, as always.

The orange twins

I picked up 2 more kittens over the weekend who need a little TLC. First was Trinket. She was hissing and spitting and not wanting anything to do with anyone when I picked her up. She even spit at Chaos and Mayhem and Tempest! They didn't seem to know how to handle that, but after a day and a half, all was well. They still tend to sleep separate, but tolerate each other at least.

Trinket was not socialized at all...

She has since decided peeps are not all that bad.

Then I went back to pick up Penny Lane. I was supposed to get them at the same time, but she seemed to be coming down with a Upper Respiratory Infection, so they kept her another day and had the vet see her. I got her last nigh, along with eye goop, Clavamox and Flagyl. Poor girl has a lot going on. She is contagious, so she is residing in the basement bathroom, with the heated floors until I can integrate her. My guess is the Whirlwinds will be gone by then, and it will be her and Trinket.

Penny Lane is still looking a bit under the weather.

Bosley is still a bit jealous...As I type he is laying over my arm, and has been in my face for the last hour as I have tried to work. He and Buck went in for their yearly check up, and Dr. Brown went on and on about how good he looks. And he finally broke the 5 pound mark! I guess he is getting bigger, but when I compare him to the 16 pound Buck, he still looks small!

Bosley likes to hang on the deck with us in the sun.


Angel and Kirby said...

Be are glad Bosley has gained weight. You have a cute bunch this time!

Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

So glad all is going well at the Elephant house. Orange babies are adorable!Bosley sure is a cute little jealous child. Aww...and how sweet are Trinket and Penny Lane? Gorgeous names, may have to "borrow" those. Good to see you back, Jaimie.

Martha said...

Wow--you got Trinket turned around fast, huh? Hoping that Penny Lane's med cocktail helps soonest--poor gal. Good luck with the newbies!

Jamie said...

Penny Lane is so much better. I integrated her in with the others today. Trinket was showing signs of URI, with lack of appetite, and some sneezing, but I think I nipped it, and she is doing better today, and back to gaining weight. I will get some shots up this weekend.